How Much Email Can You Process?

Ouch… Email pain! I will never forget this particular meeting I once joined at a corporate that I worked for, years back yet already with crazy amounts of incoming email per person. All this email needed to be processed and – like in many companies worldwide – people were emailing each other constantly… Both to individuals and (large) groups, quite often for anything.

Since there was more email coming in than we could handle besides the work we actually should do, many colleagues were grabbing any opportunity they could take to update their inboxes. One of the favorite opportunities to catch up with email was during meetings, like this particular one. I remember the room was designed for 24 people, hence there were more people standing and even sitting on trash bins and heating radiators. So I counted them and discovered there were 57 people, most of them not attending the presentation but typing in Outlook…

Being busy is not the same as being productive. In fact, being busy is a form of laziness – lazy thinking and indiscriminate action.
Tim Ferriss

FYI: Research among thousands of office workers confirms that:

  • In average we spend 1.8 hours per day on processing email!
  • 16% of us can never process all the emails they receive…
  • Information stress, is one of the major factors causing burnouts and poor health!
  • 76% of all people complain about other’s email behavior and poor communication!

As I was worried for the health of both the corporate and its employees, I decided to talk with the CFO about this. The email pain we were all facing was leading to inefficiency and loss of quality. Furthermore, information stress is one of the reasons there are so many burnouts these days – about 1 in 5 people faces this risk. The CFO and communications director agreed something needed to be changed and my role as email efficiency trainer was born.

Helping companies and individuals to save time on email and work with more pleasure became a big passion of mine. I give trainings online and in-company, while traveling I am writing ebooks and articles like these. Based on email etiquettes and getting things done. Simply because I believe we can work more efficient. Email is a great tool, saving many trees, yet it should be used wisely.

What is your biggest email pain? Feel free to share it in the comments below or contact me.

Efficient greetings,

Michael G. Boes

FYInspiration: my ebook OMG Mail contains 12 Efficient Ways to Master Your Email and Save Time.

Michael G. Boes

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John - last year

Yes, it’s incredible the amount of time we spend on email… Notifications can be useful but don’t let them change your day! Thanks for the info.


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